You and I, we sew together

At Serial Bagmakers we give you the best tutorials possible to create bags.


Cursussen aangeboden in het Nederlands. De inhoud is hetzelfde als de Engelstalige of zijn zelfs helemaal op de Belgisch en Nederlandse markt gericht.


Come sew that bag or wallet with me. I'll teach you from front to back, from start to finish how you can sew that bag or wallet just as easy as I was able to.


Oh my goodness Anne, you are no good for my housework! I am so addicted to your marvellous teachings and patterns that I just keep watching and don't get anything done lol. Thank you so much. You are absolutely the BEST bag sewing tutor I have found.
I just bought the pattern after watching the excellent video. My compliments to Anne Verberckmoes for such a great presentation. She is so easy to listen to and there's no extraneous chatter at all. Now I just have to find the hardware!
Thank you so much for your terrific video and your great tips. You're an excellent tutor.

Sew a long 'The Anna' (English)

Come sew with me this wonderful feminine messenger-sling. This video course features not only step by step how you can make this bag. You can download the pattern instructions and pattern pieces as well. Just for 1 price you get it all. You will learn how to include a walletpanel inside your bag, install the zipper in a nifty way (no drop in lining) and make sure the lining is not droopy.
View course €11.95

Demystifying rivets

Learn everything you need to know about rivets. Rivets are not scary when you know how they work. I'll give you 4 ways on how to attach rivets before you need to buy a rivet press.
View course €9.95

Sew a long Jody (English)

Jody is a small shoulderbag. Ideal when you want to go minimal. She has a slippocket with 4 card pockets and a zipper pocket. Closes with a magnet and wears as a cross body with the adjustable strap. Together with this video, you get the complete video.
View course €11.95

Sew a long Roxy (English)

Roxy is a smartphone wallet with a special metal clasp. I'll show you in detail how you can make your own wallet. Pattern instructions, an e-book and pattern pieces are included.

Sew a long Rozy (English)

Come sew with me the Rozy slimline wallet. You get a comple video course and the pattern with instructions and pattern pieces.

Demystify rivets + starter pack

Get the complete video course and learn everything there is to know about rivets. We assembled a complete starter pack with rivets in different sizes. We send the starter pack to your home in a padded envelop. Just send us your shipping address, and we'll do the rest. In the mean time you can watch the course.
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I wrote these tutorials covering some of the more common and frequently used elements in bag making. These tutorials are printables, available for immediate download. They have been written to be printed out and kept in your patterns folder. Simply click on an image to download the file. The video tutorials can be viewed at anytime. Click play to start the video. Share away across social media as well!

Sew-a-long Jody (NL)

In deze video lessen neem ik je mee om samen een prachtige schoudertas te maken. In detail nemen we samen alle stappen door. Het is alsof ik naast je zit terwijl je deze tas in elkaar steekt.
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Sew-a-long Cottonwood (NL)

Voor alle visuele leerlingen, naai samen met mij deze bohotas. De lessen zitten vol met advies en tips. Gebruik de couponcode die je vind in je patroon.
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Sew-a-long Roxy (NL)

Samen starten we dit project en ook samen zullen we dit volledig afwerken. Ik neem je stap voor stap mee op weg om deze portefeuille te maken. Het is alsof ik naast je zit.

Sew-a-long Rozy (NL)

Ik neem je stap voor stap mee in je nieuwe avontuur. Samen maken we deze fantastische compacte portefeuille. Het is alsof ik naast je zit.
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'Zo doe ik dat' uitleg in 1 of 2 pagina's of video's van enkele minuten om snel meer te weten over een techniek.

Sew a long Cottonwood bag (English)

Come sew with me the Cottonwood bag. We are making a 'half and half version and I'm showing you every point where you need to pay attention.