Come sew with me this Ally commuter Tote and/or Nappy bag.
She is a large lady with ample pockets on the inside as on the outside. 
I'll show you how I construct this bag and explain tips and tricks to make her even better.

What's included?

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What are we making?
4 mins
Catwalk of the pattern pieces used
11 mins
A Preparation
12 mins
Extra info: blockfusing
10 mins
Piece a long strap: PDF with instructions
473 KB
Installing invisiblemagnets: PDF with instructions
3.43 MB
Make the bag with me
B Exterior zippered pocket
19 mins
C assembly of the exterior bag
16 mins
D Inside zippered pocket
19 mins
E Elastic pocket
13 mins
F Gusset elastic strip
7 mins
G (part 1) Preparing the zipper
7 mins
G (part 2) Hidden pocket for the essentials
28 mins
H Assembly of the inside of the bag
13 mins
I Final assembly
14 mins
Finishing off
J Straps and handlegrip
12 mins
Cutting holes for grommets
3 mins
Placing the grommets
4 mins
6 mins