Demystifying rivets by Anne Verberckmoes

Demystifying rivets

Everything you always wanted to know about rivets

What's included?

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All my courses
My homepage and my shop
1 min
Before we dive in
2 mins
Looking at rivets from left, right and center
Anatomy of a rivet
2 mins
How are rivets sized?
7 mins
Attaching rivets
3 mins
My story with rivets
4 mins
Crooked rived guaranteed
2 mins
Attaching rivets
8 mins
Method 1: using flatnose pliers
1 min
Method 2: using an anvil and setter
2 mins
Method 3: using a hammer and metal base
1 min
The best method besides a rivet press: Dritz pliers
2 mins
Chicago screws
10 mins
And now ? Practice before you trade up.
2 mins
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Can I buy a starter pack from you?

Yes you can! I prepared a starter pack with 7 different sizes of rivets. 
This way you can try out what size stem and cap work for your project(s) and you can evaluate what size(s) rivets you want to order to keep on hand. Hopefully this sample set of rivets will give you a starting point on using rivets.