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03 How to grade a seam
447 KB
04 How to sew perfect corners
565 KB
05 How and why reinforce corners with rivets
2.57 MB
09 How to install a zippered pocket with facing
1.11 MB
11 How to make the perfect topstitching
839 KB
12 How to sew the perfect darts
4.85 MB
Installing hardware
01 How to install a magnetic snap
391 KB
02 How to install pursefeet
353 KB
07 How to install invisible magnets
3.43 MB
Everything about straps
06 How to piece a long strap from shorter pieces of fabric
473 KB
08 How to make an adjustable strap
706 KB
Using 2 seamguides to topstitch a strap
2 mins
The giant magnetic seam guidens on amazon
23 Making straps with a bias maker
8 mins
The bias tape maker on amazon
24 Slot an adjustable strap
4 mins
25 Securing you strap end with a haircross
4 mins
Everything about quilting
13 How to make a scrappy quilt top
1.61 MB
14 How to make a French braid quilt top
1.17 MB
Everything about zipper pockets
27 The secrets as to how to sew a perfect zipperbox
8 mins

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