Sew a long Cottonwood bag (English) by Anne Verberckmoes

Sew a long Cottonwood bag (English)

Sew-a-long with me a Cottonwood bag in 2 colors.

What's included?

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Presentation pattern pieces
1 min
All the stitching and construction of the panels
B. Exterior
8 mins
C. Interior
4 mins
Installing the magnets
5 mins
D. Prepare Zipper Pocket Lining
7 mins
E. Pocket Facing
13 mins
F. Finish the zip pocket
9 mins
Finishing the bag
G1-> G4: Stitching the outer and interior panel
11 mins
G5 -> G10:
11 mins
H. Turning the bag
6 mins
Adding the rectangular rings with rivets
4 mins
I. Construct the strap
5 mins
Adding the strap to the bag
14 mins
Cottonwood Pouch
(1h 25m 57s)

You and I, we sew together

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