Sew a long Roxy (English) by Anne Verberckmoes

Sew a long Roxy (English)

Sew-a-long Roxy (English)

What's included?

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Before we dive in
What materials do you need to make this wallet?
A Preparation
17 mins
B Topstitching
3 mins
C Drawing of the gruidelines
4 mins
Make the inside of the wallet
D Construction of the cardpockets
6 mins
E Combine card pockets
3 mins
F Divide the card slots
3 mins
G Finalize
4 mins
Coin pocket and accordion pleats prepwork
H Coinpocket
29 mins
I Accordion pleats
6 mins
Finishing the wallet
J Assembling the wallet
19 mins
K Adding the coin pocket
6 mins
L Attaching the clasps
11 mins
M Adding side pieces
7 mins

You and I, we sew together

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