Sew a long Roxy (English) by Anne Verberckmoes

Sew a long Roxy (English)

Sew-a-long Roxy (English)

What's included?

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Before we dive in
What materials do you need to make this wallet?
A Preparation
17 mins
B Topstitching
3 mins
C Drawing of the gruidelines
4 mins
Make the inside of the wallet
D Construction of the cardpockets
6 mins
E Combine card pockets
3 mins
F Divide the card slots
3 mins
G Finalize
4 mins
Coin pocket and accordion pleats prepwork
H Coinpocket
29 mins
I Accordion pleats
6 mins
Finishing the wallet
J Assembling the wallet
19 mins
K Adding the coin pocket
6 mins
L Attaching the clasps
11 mins
M Adding side pieces
7 mins

You and I, we sew together

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Is there a written pattern description available?

Yes there is. When you buy this course, you also get the actual pattern. 
  • 1 pdf with the instructions
  • 1 ebook to read the pattern on an ipad or with google books
  • 1 pdf with the actual pattern pieces.

The files just do not open!

Sometimes computers just don’t do what they’re told. That is not your fault. BUt did you try asking your computer why? 
If you’re having issues with your actual pattern file (the document does not open, it looks bizar, it's missing pages,...) or the  printer dialogue box isn’t appearing when you press print, there are three steps you can take:
  • Make sure you are opening the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader or another reputable PDF reader.
  • Reboot your computer. More often than not it works.
  • Download the file again. The could have been gone corrupt while downloading.
If you are still having issues, contact me.

“Test square measuring too big/small”, “Squares don’t match up when joining pages” or “Printer cutting off edges of pattern”

You were able to open the file, but you realize that your pattern is not printing correctly. It's larger/smaller then you expect (since you measure the test square and see that not everything is printed.
  1. Start by printing only one page with the test square on it. The last thing you want to do is print 20 pages only to realize they’re the wrong size. 
  2. Ensure the scaling is set to ‘100%’, ‘Actual Size’ or ‘No Scaling’. The term used may differ between software, but essentially you’re looking for the option that means you are printing the true size of the document and not fit to page or some other automatic resizing option. 
    Printing from an iphone or tablet will automatically print 'fit to page', no matter how hard you try to set it to '100%'.
  3. If you’re still having issues and you followed the steps above of opening in a reputable PDF reader, reboot the computer, or download the file again.

My pattern will not print!

You downloaded our pattern files (all 3) but they just won’t print? Don't worry! Try the following steps to fix the problem:

  1. Download the files to your desktop computer or laptop, NOT your tablet or smart phone.
  2. Open the file using a PDF reader program such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. These are free PDF reader programs that work. You can find a link to both programs below.
    Adobe Reader –
    Foxit Reader –
  3. Select File – Print to print your pattern. 
    Print your pattern pieces at ‘Actual size’ or 100%, on A4 or letter-sized paper.
  4. If you encounter problems in Adobe Reader, try using Foxit Reader as using a different PDF reader will solve problems you encounter in 99% of the time.
  5. If you are still unable to print your pattern after trying both PDF reader programs mentioned above from your desktop computer or laptop please contact me